Tipi Professional Training

Learn to do Tipi sessions with your clients/patients or with Children.


If you wish to learn Tipi professionally: 

Please visit the official Tipi website: www.tipi.pro, where you will find a complete description of all trainings and the lastest news about and around Tipi…

Tipi Professional Trainings:

Through this course the participants will learn to apply Tipi with others (and on themselves).

They will learn to use the body’s sensory memory to permanently resolve emotional/behavioral patterns, as well as current emotional responses created by past traumas.

Participants will learn how to support people in an emotional crisis, and afterward (during a session when an emotion is not actually active in them).

This class will also present a new understanding of human’s emotional functioning.

The Initial Tipi Professional Training is in 2 parts:

1 – Tipi Direct -2 x 2 hours- with 2 weeks in between. Taught on One on One. In person or through Skype.
You will learn how to use the natural ability for emotional regulation to help others resolving their difficulties as they are experiencing them.

2- Tipi Pro – 3 days in person.
You will learn how to use Tipi in any possible situation (In the moment and afterward – Resolving an emotion when someone is not currently experiencing it- as well with young Children.

After the Initial Training you will have the opportunity to follow 2 more courses in order to be certified.
– Tipi Development  (2 Days)
– Tipi Certification (2 Days)

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