A Session for Emotional Regulation with Cedric Bertelli

The goal of a session is for you to experience a total and permanent resolution of the emotional pattern

The process can be done in person or via phone/Skype.
No matter where you are, you can do a Tipi session and regulate an emotional pattern.

What can we treat with this process:
– Emotional Difficulties: such as anger, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, stress, jealousy, etc.
– Psychosomatic Symptoms: such as migraines, chronic pain, eczemas, etc. (Several sessions necessary).
– Behaviors: such as OCDs, bulimia, anorexia, some addictions, procrastination, etc. (Several sessions necessary).

If there is an area of your life that seems blocked (dating, work, intimacy, self-confidence…), but you are having a hard time identifying the emotions that create these blocks: schedule a free session and lets talk, I will help you with that.


A session includes 3 steps:

1- A free assessment over the phone: You will explain to me the emotional difficulty you would like to work on.

I will let you know how to prepare for the session, as well as answer any questions. Time required: 15 minutes.

2- The actual Tipi session. Time required: 45 minutes maximum.

3- Follow up: few days after the Tipi session we will evaluate the result of our work. Time required: 45 minutes.

If the pattern is not completely resolved we will schedule another session at no charge.

What are the Benefits of Tipi?

Remove emotional blocks, including things that you ``hate`` doing, but have to do anyway...

Resolve a disruptive emotional or behavioral pattern

Heal the impact of trauma

No need to revisit the traumatizing situation during a session

What happens during the actual Tipi session?

  • We sit facing each other, unless we are on the phone.

  • You are guided through a series of steps to access a situation that triggered your reaction.

  • Your attention is directed to the physical sensations tied to the reaction.

  • You are fully conscious during the session. 

  • There is no need to share any private details or personal history.

  • There is no physical contact.

  • The session will not trigger the original traumatizing situation.


We offer:

Efficiency : Resolution of a specific difficulty typically in a single 45 minute session. Results are permanent & proven

Respect : No emotional resurfacing during the session. The natural process respects your biological and emotional integrity

Convenience : Sessions can be done in person, or on the phone

Advice : I will coach you in order to stop the pattern that you want to work on

For the complete resolution of your difficulty. Sometimes 1 or 2 more sessions might be necessary. There is no additional charge.

You can schedule a session here 
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